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Feedback of the Alumini
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Dear Billu Sir

Hope you are doing well!

I have tried to put into words what You and my school means to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blessings leading to what I am today ?. Below is my note of thanks and the photos highlighting some of my cherished moments at The Senior Study II.

"As a child, blubbering while being insisted to go to school, I never thought that years later I would be groaning, longing for life to turn back the clock and take me back to the my school, The Senior Study II, the teachings of which not only reflect through me as an individual but also equipped me to face this World full of challenges and leave an impact wherever I go. I vividly remember my first day of embarking on this 15 year long journey of School, and my father’s fondness of capturing these small moments of happiness provides me with the evidence aiding me to reminisce my time spent here.
Every story has a protagonist, and the visionary behind the success story of my school is the Principal turned Director, Mr. Vijay Mehra. He, with his humble nature and simplistic yet influential ways left a profound impact on the students. Shouldering the responsibility of nurturing us like a seed, germinating and blossoming into a beautiful flower, he remembered each one of us by our names which speaks volumes about his involvement towards the School.
From a shy, introvert kid to becoming a confident student, I would not have been the same if not for the teachers who proved to be the catalyst of this transformation. They not only made books talk to us but always pushed us in pursuing our area of interest. They appreciated each child’s individuality letting him shine in his own way and made us comprehend that the world is well beyond grades. The focus was always on being better individuals rather than just on academic brilliance. What I am today is the result of the love, care, support and belief that I garnered during my school time.

The list is endless when it comes to thanking all the teachers who contributed to my growth.

Chand saalon ka tha mai school ka mehmaan
Taa umr yaad rakhunga iska ehsaan
Apne shikshakon ka krta hun samman
Inki nigrani me hr bachcha bharega ek unchi udaan
Ek din banunga mai iski shaan
Vishv me bhi hogi iski pehchaan

My school always pressed upon the fact that we should not focus on the end point, instead our focus should be on whether we like the work itself, not only will we be more likely to reach our goal, but even if we don’t arrive at that end point, we will have had an enjoyable life. My best wishes to my school and I know it will achieve greater heights in the years to come!

Shourya Mehra.
Head Boy

Hope to meet you as soon as the school reopens!

Thanks and Regards,
Shourya Mehra

I wish words could do justice to my love and respect for this institution. Billu Sir is a Principal that every child needs for being a conscientious citizen of tomorrow. I remember an Inter School Debate Competition I was preparing for in class 11 and there was a line ‘Transform we must if we wish to sustain…’ it has made a lot of difference to my perspective towards life and people. I did not come out of this Institution with only a bag full of achievements which I still cherish, but also my love for art, culture and poetry. I wrote this poem for the Farewell in class 12, it takes me down the memory lane.

Dear Senior Study

Thank you sincerely for these marvelous 16 years,

For holding my hands, for holding back my fears.

Making me laugh and drying my tears,

Thank you sincerely for these beautiful years,

Thanks for the rules and regulations at times I denied.

For all the support and for always being my guide,

For helping me dream so big and wide.

Thank you sincerely for these stupendous years,

For holding my hands, holding back my fears.

Thank you sincerely for such amazing and loving principal you gave,

They taught me to be chivalric and always brave.

I thank them for the support and guidance they always gave.

Thank you sincerely for these beautiful years,

For holding my hands, holding back my fears.

Thank you for giving so caring, concerned and cooperative teachers,

Throughout the years they have been our beloved preachers.

Thank you sincerely for giving these wonderful friends,

Who are no less than rubies, emeralds and precious gems?

Thank you sincerely for these marvelous 16 years

For holding my hands, holding back my fears.

Thank you Senior Study for being my bestest peer,

Keep on imparting knowledge and spreading smiles dear.

Thank you sincerely for these beautiful years,

For holding my hands, holding back my fears. 

Thank you for providing me wings that are helping me fly high and high in this competitive sky.



Sarthak Vasal

(Head Boy: 2016-17)




I can't forget the day I left the school after my boards.It's been such a long time but the amazing school journey...I wish it could have been longer .
I can't thank enough our loving Billu sir who is a great Mentor as well The Foundation of TSS . And of course the Teachers, the Pillars, who stand strong .

I built up my confidence , competitive skills as well as gained lot of knowledge mainly by taking parts in different activities such as poetry competitions , inter-school competitions , many sports events , presentations and seminars. Speaking up on stage during Assembly is where I made my never forgetting memories .

Billu Sir, is undoubtedly the best Supporter as well as one of the most comfortably approachable Principal. He is somebody who has balanced the responsibility of school on his shoulders with such perfection. Sir, I miss your interacting with us, in the hallways and corridors making your positive presence felt among us and sharing all your wisdom and experiences with us.
Also, how can we forget the 'GREEN STARS ' on our test papers that we used to get as a mark of brilliance which always motivated me to fare better.

The Teachers didn't set any limits on the ambitions they had for the young students in their care.They have always been tenacious in their dedication to provide high quality teaching and I shall forever remain indebted to them.

Today , I have cleared my professional degree of Interior Designing with good grades and standing on first position in Degree in College and becoming an Interior Designer.
The Senior Study has helped me to accomplish my goal , taught me to grab every opportunity and reach at this point of my life by nurturing me with a strong quality base and becoming a confident person with leadership qualities , goal oriented , disciplined ,teamwork skills , communications skills and an independent person.

It is said that a person always remembers his first day at school and the last day at school. The first day a child remembers because he came there weeping. And the last day a student remembers because he leaves the school weeping again. In my case, I remember clearly my first day at school and my last day at the school. The joys of school life are surely countless. Indeed, the school days are the best of our lives.

I have not parted with school in anyway and still cherish all memories packed up in my heart . Wherever I will go further in my life , Sir ,you will always be there in my memories and I shall remember your guidance.

With lots of love
Trisha Aggarwal
Batch 2014-15


And then one fine day we removed our uniforms and never wore it back..
Those days were golden not because they had a shine,
but spent with the most precious and irreplaceable souls who will forever be mine..
And Yes!!!!
My school!! My teachers!!
The final chapter of a good book!! went soo fast...
I learnt to be a fine human
But not just that
I learnt to Stand Tall
wherever I go and wherever I am...
I really miss those unforgettable moments spent laughing and giggling with the best buddies during the best times!!
The charm of participating in almost every event and winning so many laurels while putting in the much needed effort can never be underestimated...

Anddd “THE” most Incredible Personality.. ..
..Our Billu Sir... whose humbleness and generosity will always be cherished by the generations to come..
He is the one person who is always adored by every other person who knows him...

Thanking ,in words, the school staff and the amazing teachers is nearly impossible..
And those phrases..
“Present neatly” , “double check your work”, “highlight the key words” and other time management tricks learned from them aids me in every common task I accomplish..

Being chosen as the
Head Girl helped me a great deal to inculcate values and be an ambassador for all...

“The Senior Study” has given me innumerable tales and memories which would always remain indelible in my heart and soul..

Last but not the least
My school,My pride has made me understand..
The roots of education are bitter,
but the fruit is always

Forever in gratitude

Nandini Seth
Head Girl
(Batch 2018-19)





















































I have been a part of the school for such a long time that I can’t remember it myself. I have learnt too much from this school to comprehend. There is no debate that Biloo sir is the root or the foundation of this school. I consider the teachers to be flowers who bear the fruits.

“As a student, when I learnt to work hard for achievements; getting accolades and awards from Billoo sir; I found the meaning of the word ‘competitiveness’ to be used healthily.
As a trier, when I learnt to stay motivated for whatever my endeavour was, face hardships, get scolded, and yet, try to be on the top of the mountain; I found the meaning of the word ‘perseverance’ which had to be treasured lifelong.
As an achiever, when I tried to work constantly to never get out of the loop; I found the meaning of the word ‘consistency’.
In all my school life I tried to be loved by all but ended up learning to be hated by none because our school is the exemplary definition of love. Thus, I found the meaning of the word ‘life’.”

I share a very special bond with Biloo sir. I regard him as one of the greatest people in my life. He has been more of a life teacher to me than an academic one. Biloo sir has been a great mentor for me, and I still consider him one. I have had a very close relationship with him personally. During this time he has shared his valuable wisdom and experience with me. I can still remember a few of the life-changing things he told me;

There is no completion without a cause.
There is nothing expendable to give respect.
Personality is the medium to your wisdom.
You can never be too busy.
There is nothing such as good enough.
The critic is not the criticiser.
These teachings have changed my life. By sharing these I hope they do
the same for someone else.

I have always tried to find the hidden meanings behind what is
apparent to the eyes. Hidden meaning for school life is Discipline.
Discipline is foremost. Soft skills are more important than
achievements. No achievement can stick around your life as the soft skills do. Never forget teachers-teachers of life, in your success. They have selflessly worked for you, the least you can do for them is to remember them in your well being.

In school, I started my journey as no different from the rest. I took part in different extra-curricular activities like Extempore, Poetry, Presentations, Seminars, Sports, different Intra-School Competitions and Organisational activities and Administration responsibilities.
And finally, in my final year, Principal Sir gave me the ultimate
responsibility of becoming the head boy. Billoo sir was always with me through this journey and he always inspired me to become ‘most and more’ in every field. He gave me the important lesson that to be perfect is not to be always right, rather it means to put 100 per cent effort. I am proud to have been a part of this school. I consider myself fortunate enough to be taught by my teachers. I wish The Senior Study goes
on forever with the beautiful endeavour and rise like never before.

I never used the last words while parting; But, Billoo Sir always uses the same words for me, even when I was studying there and still when I go to meet him-‘You are a son to me, I adore you equally as Shravan.’ These words were my first treasure.