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Feedback of the Alumini
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Respected Sir

With extreme delight, I'm sharing my thoughts about my journey in the TSS II.

It started when we entered the school in class 6...
The competitively charged atmosphere never failed to entice me.
The very helpful teachers, together with Principal Sir put in their best efforts to enhance the overall development of the students on a social front too. Morning assemblies conducted by Principal Sir have proved to be a boon in the journey of my life so far.
He used to acquaint us with various events taking place in India and globally, extremely interesting facts and thought provoking quotes and sayings; through the morning assemblies. Through the progressive years, I appreciated and imbibed in myself some of his good qualities, out of the many, he has in his store. I learnt how to accept each situation and take every offering of life in my stride.
His deeds used to reflect that Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. Thanking Almighty for each blessing and showing firm faith in God in the face of adversity is a virtue I learnt from Sir. Apart from that, various activities conducted for skill development, like Club Meets proved to be highly useful in tackling various challenges of life, besides being highly enjoyable.
And then in class 11 and 12, nobody could've been more helpful and cooperative than Sir. He used to motivate us during our class 12 Board Exams at our Examination Centre. Without his kind cooperation and altruism, I would not have scored 639 in NEET 2019 examination.
Cutting to the chase, I would say that Billu Sir is the Best Principal, Teacher and Guide, I've ever met. Thank you so much Sir for shaping our futures with an insightful approach.
Ikshita Sabharwal
M.B.B.S. 2019 (present)
Government Medical College