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Feedback of the Alumini
Indoor Badminton Court
Indoor AC Squash Court
Indoor Table-Tennis Hall
AC Dance, Aerobics and Zumba Hall
Roof-Top Skating Rink
Brainfeed Best School Award


So there have been a lot of memories that The Senior Study has given us. The kind of love we received from our Dear Principal Billu Sir could not be given by any other Principal.

Then the amazing teachers that we had who not only taught us lessons about studies but the lessons that could help us in becoming good human beings. They always encouraged and motivated us to bring the best out of us.

The kind of knowledge and lessons we learnt could not had been learnt from elsewhere that were given by Billu Sir and our teachers.

We had spent the best memories of our life in TSS from eating the canteen food to waiting for the celebrations to happen to enjoy with our friends.

The Senior Study made us confident and responsible individuals so that we can shine like a star in the future. Time passed away very soon that one day we left the school with a bag full of joyful and lifelong memories.

The Senior Study is a place with lots of knowledge, joys and happiness given by our lovable BILLU SIR and our teachers.
TSS is a place that will always remain in our heart forever 
No matter wherever we go in the future TSS will always always remain our first love