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Feedback of the Alumini
Indoor Badminton Court
Indoor AC Squash Court
Indoor Table-Tennis Hall
AC Dance, Aerobics and Zumba Hall
Roof-Top Skating Rink
Brainfeed Best School Award


"The iconic grey building of TSS has filled not just my mind but also my life with innumerable colours that I couldn't have fathomed. And this is my journey from a shy, quiet child to the person I am today.

I owe my confidence to the culture of getting kids to speak on stage. Initially you stammer, fumble and go weak in the knees. But the day you get it right, feels like the best day of your life.

And I'm lucky to have been taught by some of the most creative and talented set of teachers. The fact that I still remember class lessons from years ago says a lot about the efforts that have been put in by the teachers to create such an indelible impact.

Billu sir, with his vision and guidance, has created this safe space where kids not only have the freedom of expression but are also pushed to read and build opinions of their own, where they are encouraged if they are right and gently corrected, without any judgement, if they are wrong.

In a world that says Life is a Race
TSS taught us to learn at our own pace
For there is a belief that it is essential
For every child to realise his own potential
Love, care and nurturing that was showered,
Now I lack
Wish I could become a child again
And to TSS I could go back

The Senior Study made me capable of achieving something that I couldn't have imagined. I got the highest marks in the district in Commerce stream in 12th and the 2nd highest overall. I am now pursuing B. Com (Honours) from one of the most prestigious institutes of the country, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

I study with some of the best minds in the country, who have studied in some of the best schools of the country, and when I tell them the stories of the kind of upbringing that I've had at my school, even they get envious, which makes me proudly claim that TSS is one of the best schools.

I am in my final year of graduation right now and it doesn't end here for me. I have a long way to go. But TSS has nurtured me into this strong and confident young woman who is ready to take up any challenges that life throws her way because my school has taught me to grab every opportunity and create some for yourself if you don't have any..........."