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Feedback of the Alumini
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I have been a part of the school for such a long time that I can’t remember it myself. I have learnt too much from this school to comprehend. There is no debate that Biloo sir is the root or the foundation of this school. I consider the teachers to be flowers who bear the fruits.

“As a student, when I learnt to work hard for achievements; getting accolades and awards from Billoo sir; I found the meaning of the word ‘competitiveness’ to be used healthily.
As a trier, when I learnt to stay motivated for whatever my endeavour was, face hardships, get scolded, and yet, try to be on the top of the mountain; I found the meaning of the word ‘perseverance’ which had to be treasured lifelong.
As an achiever, when I tried to work constantly to never get out of the loop; I found the meaning of the word ‘consistency’.
In all my school life I tried to be loved by all but ended up learning to be hated by none because our school is the exemplary definition of love. Thus, I found the meaning of the word ‘life’.”

I share a very special bond with Biloo sir. I regard him as one of the greatest people in my life. He has been more of a life teacher to me than an academic one. Biloo sir has been a great mentor for me, and I still consider him one. I have had a very close relationship with him personally. During this time he has shared his valuable wisdom and experience with me. I can still remember a few of the life-changing things he told me;

There is no completion without a cause.
There is nothing expendable to give respect.
Personality is the medium to your wisdom.
You can never be too busy.
There is nothing such as good enough.
The critic is not the criticiser.
These teachings have changed my life. By sharing these I hope they do
the same for someone else.

I have always tried to find the hidden meanings behind what is
apparent to the eyes. Hidden meaning for school life is Discipline.
Discipline is foremost. Soft skills are more important than
achievements. No achievement can stick around your life as the soft skills do. Never forget teachers-teachers of life, in your success. They have selflessly worked for you, the least you can do for them is to remember them in your well being.

In school, I started my journey as no different from the rest. I took part in different extra-curricular activities like Extempore, Poetry, Presentations, Seminars, Sports, different Intra-School Competitions and Organisational activities and Administration responsibilities.
And finally, in my final year, Principal Sir gave me the ultimate
responsibility of becoming the head boy. Billoo sir was always with me through this journey and he always inspired me to become ‘most and more’ in every field. He gave me the important lesson that to be perfect is not to be always right, rather it means to put 100 per cent effort. I am proud to have been a part of this school. I consider myself fortunate enough to be taught by my teachers. I wish The Senior Study goes
on forever with the beautiful endeavour and rise like never before.

I never used the last words while parting; But, Billoo Sir always uses the same words for me, even when I was studying there and still when I go to meet him-‘You are a son to me, I adore you equally as Shravan.’ These words were my first treasure.