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Feedback of the Alumini
Indoor Badminton Court
Indoor AC Squash Court
Indoor Table-Tennis Hall
AC Dance, Aerobics and Zumba Hall
Roof-Top Skating Rink
Brainfeed Best School Award


And then one fine day we removed our uniforms and never wore it back..
Those days were golden not because they had a shine,
but spent with the most precious and irreplaceable souls who will forever be mine..
And Yes!!!!
My school!! My teachers!!
The final chapter of a good book!! went soo fast...
I learnt to be a fine human
But not just that
I learnt to Stand Tall
wherever I go and wherever I am...
I really miss those unforgettable moments spent laughing and giggling with the best buddies during the best times!!
The charm of participating in almost every event and winning so many laurels while putting in the much needed effort can never be underestimated...

Anddd “THE” most Incredible Personality.. ..
..Our Billu Sir... whose humbleness and generosity will always be cherished by the generations to come..
He is the one person who is always adored by every other person who knows him...

Thanking ,in words, the school staff and the amazing teachers is nearly impossible..
And those phrases..
“Present neatly” , “double check your work”, “highlight the key words” and other time management tricks learned from them aids me in every common task I accomplish..

Being chosen as the
Head Girl helped me a great deal to inculcate values and be an ambassador for all...

“The Senior Study” has given me innumerable tales and memories which would always remain indelible in my heart and soul..

Last but not the least
My school,My pride has made me understand..
The roots of education are bitter,
but the fruit is always

Forever in gratitude

Nandini Seth
Head Girl
(Batch 2018-19)