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Feedback of the Alumini
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Dear Billu Sir

Hope you are doing well!

I have tried to put into words what You and my school means to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blessings leading to what I am today ?. Below is my note of thanks and the photos highlighting some of my cherished moments at The Senior Study II.

"As a child, blubbering while being insisted to go to school, I never thought that years later I would be groaning, longing for life to turn back the clock and take me back to the my school, The Senior Study II, the teachings of which not only reflect through me as an individual but also equipped me to face this World full of challenges and leave an impact wherever I go. I vividly remember my first day of embarking on this 15 year long journey of School, and my father’s fondness of capturing these small moments of happiness provides me with the evidence aiding me to reminisce my time spent here.
Every story has a protagonist, and the visionary behind the success story of my school is the Principal turned Director, Mr. Vijay Mehra. He, with his humble nature and simplistic yet influential ways left a profound impact on the students. Shouldering the responsibility of nurturing us like a seed, germinating and blossoming into a beautiful flower, he remembered each one of us by our names which speaks volumes about his involvement towards the School.
From a shy, introvert kid to becoming a confident student, I would not have been the same if not for the teachers who proved to be the catalyst of this transformation. They not only made books talk to us but always pushed us in pursuing our area of interest. They appreciated each child’s individuality letting him shine in his own way and made us comprehend that the world is well beyond grades. The focus was always on being better individuals rather than just on academic brilliance. What I am today is the result of the love, care, support and belief that I garnered during my school time.

The list is endless when it comes to thanking all the teachers who contributed to my growth.

Chand saalon ka tha mai school ka mehmaan
Taa umr yaad rakhunga iska ehsaan
Apne shikshakon ka krta hun samman
Inki nigrani me hr bachcha bharega ek unchi udaan
Ek din banunga mai iski shaan
Vishv me bhi hogi iski pehchaan

My school always pressed upon the fact that we should not focus on the end point, instead our focus should be on whether we like the work itself, not only will we be more likely to reach our goal, but even if we don’t arrive at that end point, we will have had an enjoyable life. My best wishes to my school and I know it will achieve greater heights in the years to come!

Shourya Mehra.
Head Boy

Hope to meet you as soon as the school reopens!

Thanks and Regards,
Shourya Mehra